• It is acceptable to modify this game by stuffing anything you'd like between your knees. In the original version, it is a stuffed chicken. Live poultry, frozen poultry, things other than poultry...
  • The goalie sets up the pins. While the setup must adhere to traditional bowling pin layout (1-2-3-4), the goalie can choose to stand them tightly packed or spaced out. Tightly packed is easier to cover for the goalie; spaced out means a single pin falling is less likely to knock over a whole bunch.
  • Welder's mask or other face protection optional. We found many new players got a little excited and despite many warnings not to throw the balls (you must ROLL them!)... well, they threw the balls. Note: Welder's mask restricts peripheral vision, so it acts as play-balancing for really good goalies


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How to play Chicken Soccer Bowling: 1. Find hallway. 2. Obtain children's plastic bowling set. 3. Recruit "goalie." 4. Give goalie stuffed chicken to hold between his or her knees. 5. Bowler hurls 2 plastic bowling balls at the pins, consecutively or simultaneously. Bouncing off walls allowed, but no throwing! 6. Goalie stands behind pins and attempts to block balls from knocking pins over. 7. Goalie must not drop stuffed chicken from between legs. Invented by Jane and Kiyash at a birthday part on 12.3.05. Welder's mask optional. (Photo courtesy of Liz & Zach Radding!)

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  1. TedSher 113 months ago | reply

    Are the finer positions customary or a matter of personal style?

  2. konamouse 113 months ago | reply

    Oh, I thought it was going to be a real chicken (or at least of broiler/fryer from the grocery store).

  3. Joseph Brent 111 months ago | reply

    In this case, my eye really wants to go to this guy's crotch. Apparently, color, shape, and texture are all trumped by the presence of a chicken.

  4. Avant Game 111 months ago | reply

    ha ha ha! Joe, good point. As for me, my eyes are drawn first to his eyes, which seem to be the only relatively normal thing in the picture. Then they take in all the weirdness-- the welder's hat in a hallway... then the racing stripes on the shirt lead me down to the chicken and the pins... which point me back up to his hands, which seem to indicate readiness... but wait-- is that not fear in his eyes?... anyway, I'm not sure it's the formiest picture ever, but I tried. :)

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