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The Derelict | by Avanaut
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The Derelict

Little known fact: the snowtroopers were keen to repair exotic propulsion systems occasionally found in the frozen wastelands, such as the trustworthy Koensayr R200 Ion Jet engines from a derelict Y-wing fighter. Although the Empire was wealthy, they did not say no to recycled enemy technology.


EDIT: There are two suns on Hoth due to a sidestep in the creating process of this image. This started out as a nightshot but at some point I switched to day forgetting to fix the number of spheres in the sky. It's a mistake, yes, but I thought it looked better this way eventually.


This is a comparison shot of this earlier Tatooine derelict Y-wing. It turns out that I have not been enjoying photographing the sandy Tatooine as much as I do photographing Hoth. To find a way to change that I wanted to compare two somewhat similar photos of the two environments.


(Also, I needed something to do before tonight's icehockey game, something to keep me busy. I'm not much of a sports buff, but when our dear enemies [on ice] are playing against us on World Championship's final, it all changes. Go Finland, Go Sweden! Give us a good game.)


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Taken on May 15, 2011