3d pan white

REJECTED FRAME: The Arrival of a Star Destroyer

This is one of the most laborious shoot I ever did. I do not even know how many frames these sessions took, I did it three times. This is the best frame of the first session, I think it has a near perfect light, the illusion of a vast snowy valley/plain is just great.


The thing I wasn't comfortable with was the way the troopers were all facing the destroyer, I felt that there was no contact to them with only their backs visible. So, I rebuilt the setup and shot it again. After I dismantled the whole thing I noticed that it was all out of focus. I built it the third time and got the frame I eventually uploaded.


However, even after trying really hard, I think I never got the lighting as good as it is in this frame.

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Taken on April 21, 2010