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The Feeder Years | by Avanaut
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The Feeder Years

Uncharacteristic for a droid, after retiring from being an assassin, IG-88 embarked on a soul searching mission to find its place in life. The first endeavour was running a bar by a beach in Naboo. Feeling unfulfilled in the end, IG-88 sold the bar after a few seasons and moved on. Now known simply as "Iggy", IG-88 became a nomad in search for simple joys in life.


Somewhere along the journey Iggy found birdfeeding to be a delight of profound proportions. Traveling from one planet to another Iggy spent long periods of time getting to know various flocks, hordes, murders, congregations, teams, mobs, flotillas, scoops and squadrons of birds all over the galaxy. The birds got used to Iggy, and why not, being a droid, Iggy could stand still for days, weeks, even months so that even the most cautious of species overcame their fear and got accustomed to the towering metallic figure nearby.


This was Iggy's paradise. Watching the aerobatics of the feather-, fur- and skinclad flying creatures was soothing. Iggy took pleasure calculating the dynamics of their flight paths in its mechanical brain. The cold numbers turned into meaningful patterns one could only describe as poems. Clickety-click, simple joys, it was beautiful.


Little known fact: Unaware of the fact that bird seeds from another planet were not supposed to be thrown just anywhere Iggy left behind a big problem with invasive plant species. There were unfortunate mass deaths of birds a couple of times as well. For Iggy, this was not a problem though, being a droid, switching off remorse and guilt cirquits was a snap. Eventually Iggy learned to do this right and always buy local seeds. Everything was good.

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Taken on January 18, 2021