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To Catch a Tauntaun

When the rebels had set up their base on the icy planet of Hoth they had to find a way to move about in the hostile sub-zero environment. They discovered the Tauntaun, a strong beast indigenous to Hoth, docile enough to be domesticated for use as mounts.


But first they had to be caught.


A special group of five animal handlers did the footwork on every single Tauntaun used. First, three handlers cornered the beast, then a "whisperer" made contact and, almost magically, soothed it for the "saddler" to do his job.


Sounds easy? Well, it wasn't. It all had to take place during the first hour after the sunrise. See, right before the Tauntauns began their daily search for food there was a moment when the beasts were still a bit drowsy after a good night's sleep. That was the best and only moment to catch them. The problem was that you never knew where they slept.


I'm happy with this photograph. It was an experiment trying to combine two of the techniques I've discovered when making the snowshots. It worked beautifully and I had very little to fix in Photoshop afterwards.

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Taken on September 22, 2010