REJECTED FRAME: Early Morning on Hoth

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    I find it really hard to get a good capture of the Lego Snowspeeder, boy, have I tried! This is the photograph that ended up being uploaded from the session after I decided that the frame above did not match the image I had set out to do. There were numerous things that were supposedly wrong with this shot, I just don't seem to remember them anymore. Or I don't want to...

    (Explored! Rats, no, dropped from #204...)

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    1. rage_krisnha 61 months ago | reply

      Ohhh man... This is cool...

      U made it float thats just awesome?

    2. Avanaut 61 months ago | reply

      Thanks rage! Yeah, string, the speeder is suspended with three fishing line strings edited out in PS.

    3. rage_krisnha 61 months ago | reply

      Loving ur stuff man...

      Really great use of a simple props...

      i never ever have any idea a Talcum
      powder = great for snow

      since the dai i saw ur pic in gizmodo...
      Lego pic never be the same again..

    4. THE BRICK TIME Team 61 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called The Brick Time, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    5. Beɳ 61 months ago | reply

      This is awesome!

    6. Corbicus Maximus 61 months ago | reply

      I can relate to your creative frustrations. It's almost daily for me. However, I think it's a cracking shot, even though it doesn't deliver on your goals. Thanks for sharing it.

    7. jed fish 61 months ago | reply

      Yeah this is still an awesome shot! Your snow pics are simply top shelf material, even the "rejects". Bravo!

    8. leg0fenris 61 months ago | reply

      no clue with this is a rejected shot.. great! the snowspeeder looks great! i just don't really have the impression he's moving... but that's nothing a little ps session could not change.. as usual great work!

    9. Avanaut 61 months ago | reply

      Thank guys! It is often hard to put a finger on what's wrong in any particular short, it's often just a feeling. I think what I got hung up with this shot is the way the snowspeeder is just hanging there. I couldn't figure out a way to change that. Like legofenris points out, it would be simple to add a little motion blur to the speeder to make it go, but then, I feel, it wouldn't be "true" anymore. So this got scrapped.

      I think it's a nice shot on it's own, though, and that's why I created a new set to my photostream "Leftovers & Alternatives": now I have an excuse to post random captures from the vaults when I have no time (or ideas) to shoot new stuff. Ha!

    10. Willy's Toys 61 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Wicket Toy & Collectible Photography, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

      Amazing picture. Superb photostream!

    11. photon tamer 61 months ago | reply

      This is really cool! Well done!

      Seen on the explore page. (?)

    12. inyufface 61 months ago | reply

      Avanaut strikes again!

    13. south of the metro 61 months ago | reply

      Seen this awesome work at

      Thank you for sharing

    14. GiP_7 61 months ago | reply

      wow!! it's really great!

    15. robbeemariano 60 months ago | reply

      Compliments! What do you use for snow? It looks great!

    16. atomicShed 48 months ago | reply

      It's missing the snow being blown upwards from turbulence & a tin bit of motion blur maybe?
      would be a cracking cracking shot - instead it's just brilliant :)

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