The Book of Hope
Emerging out of my previous Letters to Whom It May Concern, the Book of Hope is an ongoing series, begun in 1999, with one new page created slowly every few years.
Inspired by the common thread of ritual found in nearly all cultures and religions, each 2 foot square wall-piece is a tactile 'page' containing a composed and coded text of prayers, wishes and visualizations for the years ahead. Created in the spirit of the European monastic scribe illuminating cherished manuscripts or a Tibetan monk participating in the creation of a sand mandala, these works are 'co-created' and 'sent' as messages for the peaceful evolution of humanity.

Page 1 (Pure)
Page 2 (Illuminated)
Page 3 (Through Darkness)
Page 4 (Alchemy)
Page 5 (Sands)
Page 6 (Creating Tomorrows)
Page 7 (For Africa)
Page 8 (Re-Nature)

other Hammered Nail pieces (including Prayers and Weaves series) can be seen here
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