1993-94 Intercoast T2

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    I know nothing more about this car than that it's Ford-based, it's from the 1993-94 time period, and its name is Intercoast T2. Can anyone provide any details?

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    1. Sp3cimen 45 months ago | reply

      Somehow I like it (the design).

    2. aldenjewell 45 months ago | reply

      It's long and sleek in a profile view, but it sure looks odd to me from the front or the rear.

    3. aldenjewell 45 months ago | reply

      They're photos that my late photographer friend Rick Lenz took back in 1993 or 1994. He apparently went to the facilities of Intercoast, probably somewhere in southern California, where he lived.

    4. Hugo90 43 months ago | reply

      Awfully big for what appears to be a two passenger car. I've not seen this before, either.

    5. aldenjewell 40 months ago | reply

      Here's a letter I just received from Mel Francis:

      Hi Alden, this prototype was a design excercise built back in '92, '93 at my shop in Ventura CA. Rick Lenz visited us and took a series of photos. It was configured as a trans-continental freeway cruiser, that might be just as impractical as any mid-engine Ferrari, but would provide better fuel mileage than other supercars of its time, due to the narrower greenhouse, while providing a full-size trunk for luggage storage. The entire design was based on '92 Taurus SHO mechanicals, with its own steel tube spaceframe chassis.

      Like the M1 Mclaren, the driver sat in the center, so that it could be driven anywhere in the world without modification and the rear seat could accommodate 1 or 2 passengers. I speak of this concept in the past, since my business changed completely in '97 and the prototype was disassembled, with the parts being used on other projects.

      From your comments Alden, I gather that Rick has passed on. He was a really nice fellow who certainly liked what he did for a living.
      The day he visited was really fun and he always sent me wonderful Christmas cards that he had fashioned himself, after that. I'm sure you have many of them, too.

      I'm presently living in Wisconsin and am still building prototypes.

    6. aldenjewell 40 months ago | reply

      And a followup letter after I replied to him:

      Hi Alden,

      Rick is proof of how many people can be brought together by the link to just one person. We had placed an add in Autoweek, looking for backers on that prototype project and Rick was one of the first ones to respond. He sent out his photo set to others he knew and I received interested replies from others as far away as Germany!

      His wonderful Christmas cards stopped coming around 2001 and now I know the 'rest of the story'. Thanks for filling me in on those details.

      As for the details on the SHO prototype, please feel free to post them on your site. I know others have questioned why would anyone build such a large car, for only two people, but I can just show them my 1978 Ranchero as a common example of the same overall length and wheelbase carrying the same passenger load. This design does the same job in a longitudinal, more aerodynamically efficient manner. I have photos of the two cars parked side-by-side for that comparison. I was also an acquaintance and fan of the late Alex Tremulis, so aerodynamics count a lot with me.

      I'll be posting photos of some of my latest prototype work on my new Flickr page. Check back during the Holidays. Thanks again, for your kind reply and have a Wonderful Christmas!


    7. IFHP97 26 months ago | reply

      Reminds me a bit of a Tucker.

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