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"Honey trap" | by autan
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"Honey trap"

Please watch in bigger size (^o^)


Flower has very clear object, pollination (受粉) to bear seeds. This Ume flower has just opened, and what it wants is to attach "his" pollen (花粉) to insect, so that it is carried to another tree, "her".


My elder sis noticed me, while walking in a plum garden, very interesting thing, that plum blossom smells much stronger when it just opened, which is when as you see, the flower is just a male, without pistil (雌蕊) that has not yet appeared. Hehe, in plum, perfume is for gentlemen, but not for allure ladies, but cupids, pollinators.


The fragrance spread wide beyond sight, to notice insects. "there is nector!". When insect came to in sight on the tree, the petals arranged like parabola antenna shows where flower is by bright color, at the same time perhaps, that shape concentrates reflected light to the anther (葯) and pollen (花粉) making it bright yellow signal, which would make insects rush.


Nectar is stored deep in the pot on the bell (花冠) that is last allure, the entrance to the pod is covered by stamen (雄蘂) waiting for attach pollen to the insect;s body. Hehe, how sly "he" is.


Off course, he is sly, but it is fair trade, you carry my DNA, I give you nector!! How long had it take to prepare this trap for this species, and how long bugs and plum are working together in every coming spring!!


Ume, 梅, Japanese plum, Prunus mume


Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan, Mar 2008

Nikon D70s / Micro Nikkor 60mm

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Taken on March 8, 2008