Unidentified soldier of the First AIF

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ID Number: P06003.001
Place made: Unknown

The photograph was probably taken in Australia, pre-embarkation, sometime between 1915 and 1918.

Featured in the Memorial's 2008 exhibition Icon and Archive, the identity of this striking-looking man is not known and the Memorial had a lot of responses from people with possible identifications, none of which have been him.

Rights Info: No known copyright restrictions.

This photograph is from the Australian War Memorial's collection www.awm.gov.au

Persistent URL: cas.awm.gov.au/photograph/P06003.001

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  1. BudCat14/Ross 6 months ago | reply

    It's Mel Gibson. :)

  2. Tree of Avalon 6 months ago | reply

    Lovely work capturing the outer stoicism coupled with the true inner feeling emerging from the eyes.

  3. Alrunia 6 months ago | reply

    Iiii like the picture just what is going on with these notes exactly..?

  4. riggshots 6 months ago | reply

    hope he saw his tour through.

  5. asixtoromero 6 months ago | reply

    Que mirada... destino?

  6. Meyochan 6 months ago | reply

    I love the picture, I just don't like the notes on top of the picture :) His eyes look focused, ready yet at the same time they have a sense of sadness in them, fright even. That and his hat is awesome.

  7. Fogguy *birdie 6 months ago | reply

    Eric Bogle's Waltzing Matilda does honers to these men and boys who gave their all.....RIP and God Bless them.

  8. hasstar16 5 months ago | reply

    Its always the young who fight the wars. Maybe if the politicians of world would fight the wars they stared there be no war...

  9. asixtoromero 4 months ago | reply

    Una mirada conmovedora!

  10. hamad3fnaak 4 months ago | reply

    مازال لدي امل الحلقة 22 www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOWAKI7Z4vE

  11. Photo Patty 4 months ago | reply

    What an outstanding old portrait. Love it!

  12. {coccinelle} 4 months ago | reply

    This is a gorgeous photograph- wow!

  13. worldsfair39 2 months ago | reply

    Piercing eyes! This photo is a remarkable capture for it's time!

  14. yusbash13 2 months ago | reply

    nice warrior

  15. absolute_rookie 2 months ago | reply

    Such a great portrait, I guess the photographer was a good one.
    I wonder how they lit the scene at that time?
    It looks like there are two reflections in his eyes, so they used 2 light sources?
    Also the lower part of this photograph is quite dark.

  16. matthiesi 2 months ago | reply

    Was für ein schöner Mann !

  17. BudCat14/Ross 4 weeks ago | reply

    Sort of the young Mel Gibson in GALLIPOLI. (Though personally I'm not a fan of the old MG).

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