On The Rocks

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    1. bryan lowe ages ago

      Thats sweet. Great spotting.

    2. impartial acoustics [deleted] ages ago

      Great scene .......... a nice moment with a lot of feeling .......... to you still a good time Kathy!!!

    3. hungry sand [deleted] ages ago

      The best way for a relationship to be on the rocks, methinks!

      A golden moment! Thanks, Kathy, Have a good one!

    4. excellent trucks [deleted] ages ago

      Sweet capture ;.)..................grand oceanfront !!!

    5. mseidman ages ago

      The kind of shot many of us will wait for for the rest of our lives, and never find. What a joy to see it.

      Phenomenal Photos FAVE

    6. Pamelinka ages ago

      So romantic... To be the cover of a romantic novel... Nice pic!

    7. Auntie K ages ago

      Thanks so much, gilowe, Holger, Mary, Shiki, Michael and Pam!

    8. EtterVor ages ago

      It must be early morning or late afternoon. The rocks are glowing
      with sunrise or sunset. A wonderful picture!
      I'd love to be there. It's so cold and wet and windy here.

    9. *CA* ages ago

      Movie music in the background. A very fine romantic image.

    10. hira3 ages ago

      Wonderful one like a last scene of the movie!

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