Crickets & Grasshoppers.
Sound Editing workshop.
22 September, 2011.

On the evening of 21 September, artist/naturalist Tony Whitehead led a small group on and around Orley Common, near Ipplepen, to listen to grasshoppers and crickets as dusk turned to dark. In addition to the star attractions of the evening, Tony pointed out the alarm calls and cries of various birds as they settled down to roost for the night. A treat was Tony's bat detector which lowers the pitch of bats' sonar to a level audible by the human ear. During the walk Tony and most members of the group recorded the sounds of the evening.

The following night, 22nd September, everyone gathered in the AHA space at Dartington to transform the recordings via editing, exploration and experimentation into podcasts. These will be available to download from the Flittermice & Hoots website soon.
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