In Lace Shadows: Portraits of Jill Tracy
In June, I worked with Jill Tracy, to create this series of photographs. For those unfamiliar with her work, head over to her Bandcamp page and get her music. She tells stories with the piano and her magnificent voice. Once you have her music playing, come back here for the photos.

Over tea, Jill and I spoke of staircases and how we're both inspired by them. These are transitional spaces, disconnected from the spaces they connect. Defined by the shape of human movement, they contain within them many small levels. This was a perfect space to play with shadows. The shape of the space causing them to expand and contract, and to fall in and out of focus. Using a projection method, described in greater detail in my previous post and on Mike Estee's blog, pieces of lace were used to create intricate shadows.

Photography: Audrey Penven

Model: Jill Tracy

Design and Construction of Slide!Flash: Mike Estee and Audrey Penven

Assistance in setting up the shoot: Eli Rosseter and Aaron Muszalski
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