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The I Am Beautiful Project. (2nd Option) [Explored] | by TessOlivia,
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The I Am Beautiful Project. (2nd Option) [Explored]

YAY! My first Explore!!!! Thanks so much guys!:) I'm so happy you have no idea. I've reached my goal<3

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Amy Spanos's I am Beautiful Project.


Whoever reads this. You Are Beautiful!


March 1st was Self-Injury Awareness Day. Although a very close friend of mine said "Awareness Days are silly. You should be aware of these issues everyday..." I believe he's right. But those who are, lets say, more in the dark this is a message for you!


This day is espically important to me because Its a reminder of how far, personally, I've come. The Truth? Last year around this time I was in a 'bad' place. I've suffered with depression for a long time. I've always seemed to have very very low self worth, no confidence and well... a HORRIBLE body image. I did some bad things... Things that i'm not proud of.


Enough said. I hate that. I hated me. I hate the old me.

But here i am on the flip side. I still have a bad body image, but I've come so far. And I'm so proud of myself.


I just want you guys who are struggling with depression, or a self harm problem to realize that You. Are. Beautiful


So here I am, editing this photo Listening to Bruno Mars's song Just The Way You Are. (Honestly, because I had a hard time KEEPING a good frame of mind while i edited my unproportional body. Honestly, Its so hard to really see myself as beautiful) But I know in my heart that...

I. AM. Beautiful.


Yes. I just said a WHOLE lot. And I'm not very comfortable with telling the world.. But I think its time. I just hope those who read this who know me dont think any less. Please....


**(yes this is the second I Am Beautiful photo i uploaded. the first one i hid from some viewers. sorry guys. some family members thought it was too revealing. and i must respect that.)

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Taken on March 5, 2011