• All this is just incredible. - rabҚ
  • Nice work on Effie! - Ironsniper
  • Perfect - Carson Hart
  • Nice little detail on Haymitch. It made me smile:) - R.~R.
  • perfect face for peeta! - [MIXBRIX]
  • I love the peacekeepers - [e-man]
  • Why might he be laughing? ;) - Shock Drop
  • He's not, it's a beard (Just look at a larger image and you can see it better)
    Although I imagine some of the capitol citizens would be laughing :P

Grim Reapings

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I give you your district 12 tributes, Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen!
-Effie Trinket

Based off of the Reaping scene from the popular book series The Hunger Games

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  1. ACRKLegoϟ 37 months ago

    Granted I have not read the books I want to see the movie very badly. This build is amazingly well done.

  2. Rootbeerking202 37 months ago

    Sooooo much win. :)

  3. Detroitika 37 months ago

    The hype about the movie makes the whole thing look stupid, but I'm not gonna lie that series was a really good read. All the detail and layout of this scene is great and really close to what I had imagined in this scene! Lovin this!

  4. Hock MMXII 37 months ago

    Also, did anyone else kind of picture District 13 like the City of Ember? Except not underground?

  5. Noble-1337 [deleted] 37 months ago

    Woah, A BRILLIANT scene from an AWESOME book. C:

  6. legomocs. 37 months ago

    I have to show this to my sister, she is going to love it ;D

  7. {TCC} 37 months ago

    You captured this scene perfectly! Great job!


  8. JustinR. 37 months ago

    Awesome scene! I hope the movie stays close to the book.

  9. Brian Rinker 37 months ago

    Hey, a huge thanks to you all for your kind words! Aside from enjoying the hobby so darn much you guys are the reason I keep coming back to flickr :)

    I would also like to give a huge shout out to The Brothers Brick, you guys are awesome!

    Wow, thanks man! I'm glad that my builds have contributed to the community more than just providing some entertainment. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :)
    And it's true, I wish I had some bright pink hair for her but I don't ;_;

    I would suggest picking them up. They aren't incredibly deep but if you enjoyed stuff along the lines of Harry Potter or Percy Jackson then you would probably enjoy this.

  10. Cam M. 37 months ago

    Just saw the midnight premiere! It was only ok, but I'm not going to give anything away to you Hunger Games fanatics.

  11. Noble-1337 [deleted] 37 months ago

    Hey atin, I copied and sent this image to my school librarian, whom I am also good friends with. She too loves the hunger games, and she thought this was brilliant. :)

  12. ACRKLegoϟ 37 months ago

    Good thing I gotta kindle. :)

  13. Noble-1337 [deleted] 37 months ago

    I'd also reccomend them, but be warned, I ended up not sleeping and going to school the next day, falling asleep, and getting several detentions. Just because I got so engrossed, I was like "one more page and then I'm going to sleep", then my mum walks in and sais "have you been reading that all night?"

    Hooray for thick black curtains :D

  14. ACRKLegoϟ 37 months ago

    Haha. woah. I'll try not too.

  15. R.~R. 37 months ago

    I saw the movie last night and it was amazing! This, being made by your imagination, is actually not that far off from the movie. Great work, Atin!
    P.S. That detail on Haymitch is great!

  16. ACRKLegoϟ 37 months ago

    How do you like this? :)

  17. The Lego Man in the Hat 37 months ago

    I just saw the movie and LOVED it!!! I don't think they could've adapted the book much better. I HIGHLY recommend you read the book first!

  18. [e-man] 36 months ago

    MOTM how many times now great job I love this!

  19. Brian Rinker 36 months ago

    Thanks, and I've received it 3 times now.

  20. Special Ninja 36 months ago

    I think the odds of being awesome are in your favour.

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