Alas, Los Angeles

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Entry Date: August 10, 2176.
I remember back when I was young and my parents would tell me fanciful stories about the apocalypse to scare me. I would spend hours playing video games that placed me in post apocalyptic worlds and I had to "learn" how to survive, as if the designers even knew what life after the apocalypse would be like. Upon looking back I realize how ignorant much of my generation was in using our resources wisely. The majority of us grew up getting everything we wanted and never thought we would have to learn to survive on our own. Most people don't remember how the war started, all we remember is when the moon stopped and our world became tidally locked. Then there was the period of mass confusion, people fleeing the side of our world that would soon be covered in ice and trying to find room on the side that would slowly be burned to death. In many ways the countless who perished had it easy, they would not have to go through the wars and death that took place in the immediate aftermath of the Great Shift. Now the earths population is just a fraction of what it once was. The majority of the population lives in the small "Comfort" zone in between the desert and eternal ice. There existence is a pitiful shadow of what they once had, enslaved to a few warlords they must work endlessly to make enough food to live. Then there are the few people like me. Whether we were forced to leave the "Comfort" zone or left on our own free will our lives are the same: Survive.

For the Nov BBC contest on the Brickarms Forums.

I knew as soon as it was announced that this months theme would be sand that I was going to build an apocalypse scene (apocalypse and sand go together like peanut butter and jelly). I also knew that there would be a ton of other apocalypse scenes so I had to figure out a way to make mine unique. My solution was Forced Perspective. I also decided to find a new reason why the world would turn into a barren wasteland and I decided to use the world becoming tidally locked.

Non Lego:
Brickarms Machete, KAR-98, Glaive, 2 Mono-pods and a Bi-pod
Photoshopped road sign

P.S. Almost forgot to add this but, I will be adding photos showing how this was done tomorrow.

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  1. 52 months ago | reply

    This was added to's queue. Check back soon for the post!

  2. Your Humble Editor 52 months ago | reply

    this is one of the best post opoc things ever

  3. Thran 52 months ago | reply

    Someone shrunk los angeles!

  4. abrams tank 52 months ago | reply

    this photo was invited to the lego apocolypse group,will you join alone,nobody else,just like a real apocolypse

  5. The Expendable 51 months ago | reply

    Fantastic work here, as per usual! I love it.

    Also, I too use a Canon EOS 300D (or 'Rebel', as it's known as, apparently) and though I may still be new to using such a great camera, I'm unable to take photo's where the background is (almost) as clear as the subject up front. Do you have any tips that'll help me, please?

  6. Catsy [CC] 51 months ago | reply

    Look around Google for articles on depth of field and F-stops. Your camera probably has a mode called something like "Aperture Priority", which means that you set the aperture (F-stop) and the camera adjusts the other settings automatically. Higher F-stop numbers (smaller apertures) mean a wider depth of field but let in less light, requiring lower shutter speeds and benefiting greatly from the use of a tripod. Lower F-stop numbers narrow that DOF.

  7. ~Tac~ 51 months ago | reply

    Holy crap dude, this comes up first when you search LEGO.

  8. Brian Rinker 51 months ago | reply

    Oh snap! That's awesome :)

  9. The Enigma That is Fennec Fox 51 months ago | reply

    You've added a new perspective to forced, er, perspective.

  10. [Headhunter] 51 months ago | reply

    Awesome! More like Lost Angeles! :) Nice job!

  11. 1monkey4all 51 months ago | reply

    Amazing! I was stunned when I saw this! Seriously great job.

  12. • Roku • 50 months ago | reply

    I'm speechless! This is absoulutly amazing!


  13. jammer1254 50 months ago | reply

    i give big money for this!!!!!!!!!!!!! like 2500

  14. Mackenzie B. 48 months ago | reply

    LOVE this picture, amazing job dude :)

  15. Alex κ . 45 months ago | reply

    This is brilliant!

  16. Umut Kazan 42 months ago | reply

    Looks amazing ! Congratzz

  17. Dr. Brickenstein 39 months ago | reply

    This such a grate idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. [TLB] 33 months ago | reply

    Incredible. I love how the road narrows!

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