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Dearborn Gate

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Gate to residence on North Dearborn Street in Chicago, Illinois.

  1. Farl 113 months ago | reply

    ornate but still simple in its repetition. and the clean thin rods for the gate sort of gives an inviting effect too.

  2. Atelier Teee 113 months ago | reply

    It also has a rather unique mailbox to the left of the gate.

  3. Lazy B 113 months ago | reply

    Like the fence, hate the mailbox, not sure about the gate - at least it's not "guilded"!

  4. shimmertje 113 months ago | reply

    A bit too ornate for me. I keep thinking about how much dust such a gate could collect :) The fence is nice. Neutral about the mail.

  5. Farl 113 months ago | reply

    shimmertje, I am not sure about the dust part as unlike our part of the world where swirls of particulate matter abound, it's abit different in Chicago.

    but yes, the fence is cool.

  6. Atelier Teee 113 months ago | reply

    I think that dust should not be a problem; I think it is a matter of washing it down with a hose (and I see a hose coiled beside the steps).

    As to the mailbox: I think that the mailbox is not the most visually pleasing work, but it is consistent with the look and feel of the ironwork; every other mailbox I have seen in the area is just a contemporary rectangular box with no grace or charm. Also, note that the wrought iron fence incorporates a rectangular opening to permit access for the letter carrier. All in all, not a bad design decision.

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