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a taste of honey (365-254 and macro mondays and mission24) | by michele cat
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a taste of honey (365-254 and macro mondays and mission24)

Day 254 of 365: a year in songs and photos

Song: Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass, A Taste of Honey


There was simply no other song to use here. I didn't even try to think of an alternate choice.


Again, this is for both Macro Mondays (ingredients theme) and Mission24 (taste theme).


I use honey mainly in herbal tea, but I also use it to make my own barbecue sauce, as part of a glaze for chicken or ribs, or in oatmeal.


Every time I see honey I am reminded of the time when I was about ten and the library was having a special Saturday reading program. I don't remember what the theme of the program was, I just know that the library was my absolute favorite place in the world and if they were having a program on a Saturday I was going to be there.


I took a bus there - back in those days we had a special library bus that came after school and on weekends - and all the other kids on the block stood by the bus stop and made fun of me for going to the library on a weekend.


At the end of the day's reading program, they gave each of the kids who attended a small, plastic container of honey. The container was shaped like a bear. I thought it was an awesome thing to have and when I got home, I showed all those stupid kids what they missed out on by not going to the library.


You can imagine how that turned out.


My god, I was such a dork.


I still am.


Also, this song brings back a lot of childhood memories. Besides the album cover freaking me out. When you're about eight years old and you're staring at a lady covered in whipped cream, the last thing you are thinking about is the sexual connotations of it. I imagined all kinds of strange scenarios about this cover, but none of them had anything to do sex. In fact, I think my thoughts had something to do with a wedding that involved whipped cream shot from squirt guns at the bride and groom, and that made me want to get married and have that kind of wedding.


I could still do that, I suppose. Would go perfect with the Elvis officiated wedding we plan to have some day.


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Taken on July 21, 2008