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Rosette nebula, NGC 2237 | by write_adam
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Rosette nebula, NGC 2237

[EDIT: Please see the reprocessed version, this one was too dark. Thanks!]


Hi folks! I haven't posted anything for a while, mostly due to cloudy skies.


After a few test-runs, I finally collected my first light image on my new (well, new to me) camera, the SBIG STL-11000M. I love the real estate of this chip! It's significantly noisier than my QHY9, but nothing that extra integration time and dark frames can't fix.


My test runs with the TMB 130SS showed significant curvature across the field, so I shelled out for the TS Optics 2.5" flattener from APM America. They stock the appropriate adapters for my focuser and the STL, so the guesswork in backspacing was avoided. Stars in the corners appear to be pretty good, if not perfect, though there's something that appears like rotation I need to sort out.


This is my first experience with self-guiding, and so these are also the first 20-min exposures I've ever tried (I know I should probably go longer for narrowband). Also trying out MaximDL for the first time, and am really enjoying it for all the automation.


I'll aim to capture OIII and SII next (though given the weather around here lately, that might take a while ).


Anyway, on to the image:


NGC2237, the Rosette Nebula

TMB 130SS f/7, TS Optics 2.5" field flattener

STL-11000M @ -30C

self-guided on Skywatcher EQ6

Baader 7nm h-alpha filter

1x15min, 8x20min lights (175min total)

darks, flats, bias

capture and calibration in MaximDL

image processing in Photoshop


Thanks for looking,


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Taken on January 23, 2010