Kowa 65mm f/0.75

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    1. Brendon S. 61 months ago | reply

      What's this!!! Crazy aperture!!!
      can you do auto focus w/ this lens?!

    2. scenery_and_fish 61 months ago | reply

      this is an xray lens... fixed focus / no iris... lol

    3. Luis Migliavacca (Usuario 2749636) 60 months ago | reply

      I envy you so much!
      Did you tested in video mode?

    4. scenery_and_fish 59 months ago | reply

      i do not have the steady hands or a tripod necessary to take a video with this lens! lol

    5. Dan_Evans 54 months ago | reply

      I just came across a Canon version of this lens today...how are you mounting it on your camera??

    6. scenery_and_fish 54 months ago | reply

      I bought a set of Nikon macro extension tubes, played around with its configuration (to determine length), and then epoxied it to the Kowa lens. You can do exactly the same with Canon macro extension tubes.

    7. Dan_Evans 54 months ago | reply

      What does the back for the camera look like? Here's what mine looks like:

    8. Mikedmonds 53 months ago | reply

      christ... that is one monster of an aperture. you should dedicate a folder to this showing off its awesomeness

    9. scenery_and_fish 53 months ago | reply

      thanks guys! i've been meaning to take more shots of this thing actually for dan, but i've been quite busy... they will be up though... sooner or later :P

    10. f2point8 53 months ago | reply

      I'm giving this a fav just to show I'm a fan of your ingenuity. Do you have any idea the mass of this thing?

    11. Alan Wentworth 53 months ago | reply

      Amazing. Saw this featured on PetaPixel today.

    12. [ Noktor-Matic ] 53 months ago | reply

      no lens would be able to auto focus at this aperture......
      the canon EF 50mm f/1L and f/1.2L have focusing issues at their maximum apertures. plus if an f/0.75 AF lens was made the front element would need atleast a 100mm+ filter thread meaning it will be 1. too large. 2. impractical and 3. very VERY fragile

    13. scenery_and_fish 53 months ago | reply

      Thanks for all the comments!

      Here's the back; sorry for the delay!

      Kowa 65mm f/0.75

      The extension tubes have been epoxied on, and I don't really have a "before" photo, so I'm not sure how much this will help!

      All I know is that it's hefty. I don't have a scale unfortunately!

    14. Dan_Evans 53 months ago | reply

      Nicely done! That looks very similar to the back of mine. I will definitely take your design into consideration when I get around to building a mount. I also have an idea of using a small piece of pvc pipe and a cheapy mount, but we'll seee! Thankfully all of this stuff is pretty cheap!

      Thanks for all of your help!!

    15. c a l l o 53 months ago | reply

      Iìd like to buy one...Is easy to find?
      Thank you in advance

    16. JonGoings.com 35 months ago | reply

      I absolutely love the dreamy results! Here's a video with a 65mm f0.75 - www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXltb0QqRko . He adapts them himself, for a price. I am in the process of contacting him.

    17. uwekulick 7 months ago | reply


      if You like this image appearing in a new noncommercial camera wiki next time, please give it to flickr group www.flickr.com/groups/camerawiki/

      Best regards, Uwe Kulick

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