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10-frame Stack of the LMC

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  1. astrometry.net 65 months ago | reply

    Hello, this is the blind astrometry solver. Your results are:
    (RA, Dec) center:(75.7456328546, -65.3688463478) degrees
    (RA, Dec) center (H:M:S, D:M:S):(05:02:58.952, -65:22:7.847)
    Orientation:-98.27 deg E of N

    Pixel scale:88.99 arcsec/pixel

    Parity:Reverse ("Left-handed")
    Field size :25.31 x 15.65 degrees

    Your field contains:
    The star γHyi
    The star αDor
    The star αRet
    The star βDor
    The star δDor
    The star εRet
    The star γRet
    The star γPic
    The star ζDor
    The star θDor
    NGC 1763
    NGC 2018
    NGC 2070 / Tarantula nebula

    View in World Wide Telescope

    If you would like to have other images solved, please submit them to the astrometry group.

  2. Bryan Harkin 65 months ago | reply

    Amazing shot! I don't know how you do this! Lol excellent colours!

  3. Astronomr 65 months ago | reply

    Bryan Harkin

    1. get camera pointed and focussed
    2. take 25 shots
    3. throw away 15 of them because stupid lens keeps slipping out of focus
    4. Stack the rest in Deep Sky Stacker
    5. Adjust for colours and brightness in Photoshop


  4. thankful fire [deleted] 65 months ago | reply

    There are moments when I regret selling my scope. Great image.

  5. Astronomr 65 months ago | reply

    thankful fire But I didn't use a scope! :)

  6. greySea Studios 65 months ago | reply

    What is steep sky stacker?!

  7. Astronomr 65 months ago | reply

    It's a prgram that allows you to stack up multiple exposure of things, averaging and pulling out details :)

  8. greySea Studios 65 months ago | reply

    Guess I gotta get on that then :P

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