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Light: Ruin & Pelt

This is a project inspired by The Divine Diptych Project. But our project is based on two best friends who are photographers and how they want to create together. Mysi Finlay is the owner of Soda Fountain Photography and Anna Sykes is the owner of Jackson Street Photography.


The rules of the project goes as this:

One diptych a week (more or less, depending on how busy their schedule is)

There will be a main theme that both artists will have to use.

There will be another theme that each individual artist will have to use, the theme is picked from a random word generator. The artist will generate 5 words and pick out their favorite.

Post production will be a team effort so that the pictures will work together.


You can follow this project here:




WORD: RUIN (Anna):

I took a literal interpretation of my word. The night before we decided to start this project there was a fire in our town that destroyed two businesses. So I went there two days after and they had already torn down the back wall of the building and smoke was still rising out of the building. This is the light coming from the front of the building.


WORD: PELT (Mysi): It's just savannah (the rabbit) and me being things we don't want to be. one of the things I despise most is being naked... being naked in the light is much worse.

now, I can't get in a rabbit's head, but I'm preeeetty sure she doesn't want to be a fur coat or a stole or anything like that. the light reflecting in her eyes is sort of deer in headlights type thing (she had no idea what I was doing and typically, animals are unaware they're about to die.)

I also liked the light at my waist because that's the part of my body I hate the most. so I accentuated it a little.



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Taken on March 6, 2010