Muriel Lake Recon
Why not make the first backpacking trip of the season be a recon mission to Muriel Lake?! We decided to take the early part of the holiday weekend and scout out where we wanted to have the wedding ceremony at Muriel Lake. Mission accomplished as we found the spot that we like - and there is plenty of space for people to gather!

For the first time backpacking this season, it went pretty well. My pack was less than 9 pounds and it took us 3.5 hours to get to Muriel Lake (6.25 miles and some of that time was spend wandering around Muriel looking for the best camping spot). After we set up camp, we decided to head up toward Wahoo and Goethe Lakes. Once we got near Wahoo, we noticed clouds building, so we decided not to head up to Goethe. Boo. After a lazy afternoon at camp, we were treated to an amazing sunset. No complaints at all.

The second day, we decided to cross country it over to Desolation Lake. We'd never been over there and it was beautiful. Loved seeing the Glacier Divide from over that way too. So gorgeous. After some fun ankle+ deep water crossing (it was fun), we decided to pack up camp and just head out a day early. Good decision because as much as I wanted to stay out an extra day, there were SO MANY PEOPLE heading to Muriel. I'm glad the wedding isn't over a holiday weekend...!
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