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Endeavour STS-130

Launch of the space shuttle Endeavour on STS-130 occurred on Mon, Feb 8, 2010 at 4:14am EST from Kennedy Space Center. As of that night it was the last scheduled night launch of the space shuttle program.


To mark the special occasion I did my best to attempt a timelapse shot of the launch. Problem is I do not have a remote shutter release for my camera; I had to MacGyver a solution. I ended up putting the camera on my tripod and setting it to bulb. Then I took a rubber band and put it around the camera to hold a superball down on the trigger button. To make sure it stayed I had to lightly push down with my finger on top of it.


I started to take the shot just as the shuttle came above the horizon, but the first image only went for about 20 seconds and then stopped. I was very angry at myself for letting up on the pressure ever so slightly. However, after that I got this image which so far is my best of a night launch!


I will have to try this out on the other random small rocket launches coming up.


For this image it was 2min21sec long using ISO100 and f-stop 7.1 and taken from my apartment in Palm Bay, FL a good 40min drive South of KSC.

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Taken on February 8, 2010