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Abell 1367 | by Dave & telescope
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Abell 1367

Abell 1367

Leo Galaxy Cluster

The Leo Cluster (Abell 1367) is a galaxy cluster about 330 million light-years distant in the constellation Leo, with at least 70 major galaxies. The elliptical galaxy known as NGC 3842 is the brightest member of this cluster. This is seen to the left and slightly upward of the center of the image. Along with the Coma Cluster, the Leo cluster is one of the two major clusters comprising the Coma Supercluster, which in turn is part of the CfA2 Great Wall, an immense galaxy filament which is hundreds of millions of light years long and is one of the largest known structures in the universe. The “CfA” designation refers to “Center for Astrophysics” redshift survey and was an attempt to map the large scale structure of the universe. CfA2 was the second survey started in 1985 and the Great Wall was discovered in 1989

The Leo Cluster mostly contains spiral galaxies, suggesting that it is much younger than other comparable clusters, such as the Coma Cluster. It is also home to one of the universe's largest known black holes, which lies in the center of NGC 3842. The black hole is 9.7 billion times more massive than our sun. (Wikipedia)

Capture info:

Location: Orion’s Belt Remote Observatory, Mayhill NM

Telescope: Takahashi ED180

Mount: Paramount MX+

Camera: SBIG STXL 16200

Data: LRGB 2.5,2,2,2.5 hrs (5min subframes)

Processing: Pixinsight


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Uploaded on June 18, 2020