Dragon module van binnen. Mooi. Ruim. Modern. Blauwe LEDs. Voelt beetje als SF film decor. Komt dan ook uit Los Angeles.

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    Inside of the Dragon module. Beautiful. Spacious, Modern. Blue LEDs. Feels a bit like a sci-fi filmset. Of course it is from Los Angeles.

    Credit: ESA/NASA

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    1. alfa52 23 months ago | reply

      Ziet er netjes uit!

    2. robot makes music 23 months ago | reply

      it really says something, when someone LIVING IN SPACE calls something "sci-fi"

      truly an out-of-this-world quote for an out-of-this-world photo :D

    3. Akuzama 23 months ago | reply

      Why does it have a giant, angry red penis on the left side of the photo?

    4. wimem1 23 months ago | reply

      Wauw, lekker ruim! Wat dat betreft had ik nog best meegekunt ... had ik dat geweten ...shit zeg! ;-)

    5. Mardi7au 23 months ago | reply

      Love all the Dragon photos..thank you

    6. BlueisCoool 23 months ago | reply

      Very nice capture - congrats!

    7. mathilde1947 23 months ago | reply

      Mooi die ledlampjes. je hebt er de ruimte om mooie salto's te maken.

    8. tdmehan 23 months ago | reply

      I keep looking at that picture, expecting a theater showing a really bad movie on the other side.

    9. JKG II 23 months ago | reply

      this is great, thanks!

    10. BladDad 23 months ago | reply

      Nice shot! It does look like what the future was supposed to look like. :-) Now, if it said, `thank for opening the capsule,`it would be getting a little to Douglas Adams-y. :-)

    11. Kpax Smith 23 months ago | reply

      yes, open the bomb bay door HAL .... lovely

    12. tmsmalley 23 months ago | reply

      Unlock the pod bay door, HAL...

    13. maggieleber 23 months ago | reply

      Wash: [about River] Psychic, though? That sounds like something out of science-fiction.
      Zoë: We live in a spaceship, dear.
      Wash: So?

    14. fantasticdoug 23 months ago | reply

      Just when you think you've seen it all,SpaceX comes to the rescue and delivers on time and on target! Now that's what I'm talking about! Yeah!

    15. MicroBerto 23 months ago | reply

      Yeah, those are basically the things you can come to expect when you let creative, brilliant, and incentive-driven private businesspeople and scientists -- not bureaucrats -- do some of the work.

    16. nimbus-cloud 23 months ago | reply

      Now all we need is the HAL 9000

    17. AriaanBruinsma 23 months ago | reply

      Haha, you're right only GERTY is missing. Do you also have some clones stockpiled somewhere? :P

      Nice to have something dangling from your spacestation that's been shot in to space and built by the cheapest contractor. "The Dragon Module" Sounds like it's "Made in China".

      Anyway, you make us Dutch "trots" up there, keep on going and good luck ;)

    18. Pedro ... 23 months ago | reply

      I like the security camera (in dome - top center) !! .. Just in case someone tries to break in :-)

    19. mikeht220 23 months ago | reply

      Looks like lots more room for stuff but I guess the first run they went with a light load. Alrighty folks where's all queues to Bruce Lee movies (Enter The Dragon, Return of the Dragon)?

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