Star factory, the Orion Nebula

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    M42 is a glorious mix of diffuse nebula and one of the the brightest nebulae in the sky. It's a wonderful target for novice to experienced imagers as there's always more data and detail to find. It's easy to capture - but difficult to master. This is my 5th go at imaging M42, it feels like l I'm coming full circle as this was the target that inspired me to purchase by current Officina Stellare APO.

    Previous attempts: (imaged through my 80mm Celestron Guide Scope) (Imaged with a C11' SCT) (comparisons since my 1st ever imaging of the target)

    The choice of 2 exposure settings was to capture more feint outer detail with the longer exposure, and shorter exposures to maintain the inner core. After calibration the 2 masters were integrated using the HDRcomposition function in PixInsight. It's an easy method, making me wish I shot even more data for longer subs to get more detail in the surrounding feint nebulosity.

    This target was imaged from the Johannesburg light polluted suburbs, with no light pollution filter. I spent 2 nights on this to acquire more data so that I can keep ISO lower.

    Excited to see if next season will bring more improvements.

    Image details:
    Total: 196min (3:16hrs)
    40x 240sec ISO400
    36x 60sec ISO400
    20 darks
    100 bias
    30 flats

    Canon 60Da
    Officina Stellare HiperAPO
    Celestron Advance VX
    Guiding: SSAG & PHD
    Acquisition: Nebulosity
    Processing: PixInsight and PhotoShop

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    1. Shaun Reynolds 60 months ago | reply

      simply the best image I have seen of M42 , good work !

    2. vincenzzo 60 months ago | reply

      Great work! One of the better images of this nebula that I have seen as well.

    3. Ray Majrowski Thanks for 1.3 Million views 60 months ago | reply

      A glorious sight, much better than my efforts.

    4. abellia11214 60 months ago | reply

      I find myself writing the same thing when viewing your photos. Simply amazing!! Your photo's are an inspiration.

    5. StormLV 60 months ago | reply

      I'm rarely surprised by a photo of Orion there days, but yours is extremely beautiful. You can see all the nebulosity and there's no discernible noise! Congrats!

    6. Astro-Tanja 60 months ago | reply

      StormLV Thank you :) I took care to get a lot of light frames so noise wouldn't be so obvious. Thanks for the comment

    7. RTsan 58 months ago | reply


    8. thomas@photo 58 months ago | reply

      incroyable ce que vous me permettez de découvrir !!!

    9. grahamxx 56 months ago | reply

      Wonderful Tanja. You can be and should be very proud of this image. Brilliant :)

    10. Occasionally Focused 55 months ago | reply

      Utterly astounding. Honestly, this must be one of the best images of the Orion Nebula I've ever seen

    11. Pictures_of_Things 55 months ago | reply

      Um. That is some ridiculously amazing progress.

    12. Karen James 50 months ago | reply

      I've always been intrigued by the Solar System, your work is quite beautiful and stunning to capture.
      amazing gallery.

    13. vincenzzo 50 months ago | reply

      Congrats on appearing in Astronomy magazine!

    14. Martin_Heigan 32 months ago | reply

      Great work, well done!

    15. Dimitri Goderdzishvili 29 months ago | reply

      Wonderful Astro-Work!

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