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Sunday afternoon in the office. A few things need to be done before the week starts.

The rosé was quite good, but I'm not sure yet if rosé is my kind of drink...

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  1. Ash Danielle Baker 96 months ago | reply

    nice snap, what book is that under the fruit?

  2. Astrid. 96 months ago | reply

    the book is called "språkvett". it's a book about the norwegian language. i'm a writer and i like my writing to be correct ;-)

  3. Mari Hagen 96 months ago | reply

    Smart. I've been to school today, doing a little bit on my model, and some drawings. Will be good to be done :D

  4. .susanne. 96 months ago | reply

    it's good to have an apple and a banana :)

  5. jili'm ** 96 months ago | reply

    i like the DOF on this one.
    and the apple looks good !
    but it's stange, the way it's more clean looking on the right side, than on the left side. . WINSOME !
    (i've just found thid word, new for me, on my e-translater. i sometines try my writing to be correct :-)

  6. ddot. 96 months ago | reply

    great focus here astrid... i love your window shots :)

  7. kelly fish [deleted] 96 months ago | reply

    this is beautiful. i hope you had a great sunday.

  8. willow89 96 months ago | reply

    Beautiful composition. :) And lovely polaroids btw! :) Did you shoot them? :)

  9. Woolverine 96 months ago | reply

    i agree on the rose.... not quite my thing.
    we had bubbly water on friday, that margrete and kai brought over. now, THAT i can like :)

  10. Astrid. 96 months ago | reply

    hei flickr people, thanks for stopping by. i appreciate it :-)

    angel90 - i didn't shoot the polaroids, the talented Maditi did

    mrs B-B - margrete and kai were at your place friday? oooh! i miss you guys!

  11. virginiaz 96 months ago | reply

    nice composition,. as always, the view from your windows are great!

  12. m a v 96 months ago | reply

    oh rosé. hmm. i really think you will like this drink. wonder if you just have not found the right bottle? come to the US and i'll buy you a bottle and we'll spend a lazy afternoon drinking it ... or two! :)

  13. Astrid. 96 months ago | reply

    virginiaz - thanks. the view (the backyard of a hotel) from this office window is nothing compared to the one in my homeoffice

    mav - i might not have found the right bottle. i've not given up. i would absolutely love to share a lazy afternoon and a bottle (or two...) of rosé with you!

  14. Shimrit&Yaar 95 months ago | reply

    lovely details

  15. Elizabeth Taylor 95 months ago | reply

    you make me want to sit there all afternoon. this is really just beautiful and delicate!

  16. mooncici 95 months ago | reply

    i love the "moment" right here...

  17. --erica 76 months ago | reply

    beautiful office.

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