3d pan white


Working 10-13 hours a day is a little will bending, I can hardly get time together to process some laundry or make dinner.

I really really feel like going out to shoot and explore but it's always dark by the time I get out of the office.

That is something I really like about summer, the long lasting days :D


Another one of Giampaolo, the singer from About Wayne.

I usually don't publish photos that are too similar but I quite liked how these came out.


Again, one of the last photos I took with my Leica M8 and my Voigtlander lenses, what a good kit that was.

Let's hope that the uncoming piece of kit will live up to the expectation (and price) :P


I went for a different route on this pic, compared to the last one I decided to enhance the warm colors to match the jacket, seems to have worked out fine.


Strobist: Single strobe into small softbox camera high right, triggered by cheapo triggers.



- B&W conversion in Silver Efex Pro using green filter.

- Added structure and brought brightness to bg.

- Darkening tone curve for middletones and highlights.

- Pulled down black to help the "washed out" look.

- Back to color with luminosity layer onto original.

- Color grading using curves and layer masks (general warm up done by pumping up yellow).

- Circular peach gradient to left to add to the light.

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Taken on December 16, 2011