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Room of Shapes

Room of Shapes by RedBlackProduction


This is the studio's main audio workstation. The idea was to have an attractive and informative desktop that wasn't going to be too obtrusive or distracting . . See next image for 2nd monitor . . .


Visual Style | areao4


Dock | stardock objectdock


Icons | ecqlipse, reflections


Meters | rainmeter

- enigma | hard drives. cpu

- simplicity | net traffic

- next1 | shutdown buttons, swap & ram

- hud.vision | calender


Media Display | cd art display | CDCard skin



The awesome music I was listening to can be found here | www.myspace.com/astateofflux


Background | Manipulated photo of an art installation by the amazing Esther Stocker | www.estherstocker.net


The background image has been blurred and rotated to fit the monitors . . modified image available here: img43.imageshack.us/img43/2325/astateoffluxestherstock.jpg


Thanks to the original authors of the programs, Esther Stocker and to Lifehacker for the feature :D

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Taken on May 18, 2009