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Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo | by Associati
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Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo

This is Vertigo for my series of posters for Alfred Hitchcock films.


"Vertigo" is a film about illusion and identity, as James Stewart's character creates an illusory woman in the form of Madeleine. But Madeleine never actually exists, and once he transforms Judy into Madeleine, Judy has never existed either. So there is a blur in identity and what is really real.


In the image I have on the poster, if you concentrate on it, you can somewhat make out the profile of Kim Novak, but only by piecing it together from all of the repetitions, not by seeing one single image of the profile. It is very hard to focus on just one of the profiles and see it as a whole. This attempts to represent the illusion James Stewart experiences during the film and his difficulty in seeing things objectively, and the "piecing together" he does to create a second Madeleine.


The profile of Madeleine/Judy is used throughout the film, so I tried to combine these two things (identity blurring and profiles) and work with the cyclical/vertiginous imagery that Saul Bass used in his original poster.


Green was chosen because it is associated throughout the film with death.



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Taken on May 13, 2010