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Le-Sidaner, H. - Interior | by Associated Artists of Pittsburgh
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Le-Sidaner, H. - Interior

Artist Name: Sidaner, Henri Le

Title: Interior

F.O.A. Purchase Award Date: 1944


Art Ambassador’s Critical Response to Friends of Art Collection 2010:

Ivy R.

Pittsburgh Gifted Center


I have observed Henri Le Sidaner’s oil painting titled, Interior. I think whoever lived there tried to make it feel more like home by decorating the house with things they like. On the wall in the darker room there are three paintings lined up. The resident of the house must have really had a love for nature. There is a vase of flowers in the interior and paintings of landscapes throughout the house. In my opinion this house seems very inviting and calm. I thought that maybe this was a vacation home seeing that the person has filled it with pleasant looking things; things that may bring peace. The vase of flowers looks very welcoming, like the artist is trying to draw you into the interior.


What I thought was really interesting about the interior landscape was the manner in which it was painted. It looks like the landscape artist created this painting, brush stroke over brush stroke. If you observe closely you can see the way Sidaner layered the strokes of paint to create a shadowed look. In my opinion, this is a unique style of painting. There is a major contrast in the colors that was used; for instance, Sidaner used many darker colors for the hallway to kind of draw your attention away from it. It’s almost as though he didn’t want you to pay attention to the hallway but draw you into the interior.


There are many questions I have to ask about this painting. Where is it located? What’s going on other than what we can see? Whose house is it? Could this be a house the artist remembers from his childhood? This oil painting can bring up many questions even though it seems like a very simple and noncomplex work of art.


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Taken circa 2012