From hand to mouth, but how...

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    There is a phrase here in germany that says "von der Hand in den Mund leben", dict.leo says it's "from hand to mouth". Actually i feel a little like this, but i am asking myself HOW CAN I DO THAT? MY HAND JUST DOESN'T FIT IN MY MOUTH

    This picture is connected to these two former shots of mine.
    "It's eating me up..."
    "empty handed?"

    It's still my Friday Fun contribution... even though it is a serious topic.

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    1. QueenBee77 92 months ago | reply

      von der Hand in den Mund leben----hmmmm, don't know German but I don't think we have a saying like that down here in the south (USA). We do say....Stuck my foot in my mouth?? Maybe Similar??Funny picture regardless!! I instantly started laughing...thanks!

    2. assbachs-old-account 92 months ago | reply

      Mhm, I don't know what "stuck my foot in my mouth" means but this here means "having little money" or "being poor" and "the need to directly spend the money you earn" ... some things like that. It was just making fun of my "financial diasaster" with the use of this picture / phrase.

    3. sadandbeautiful (Sarah) 92 months ago | reply

      We do have the same saying, meaning the same thing. "Living from hand to mouth" meaning no extra money for anything.

      I sincerely hope things start looking up for you very soon, Sascha.
      This photo is great, though!

    4. QueenBee77 92 months ago | reply

      Ahhh, thanks sadandbeautiful.....I now understand...."Living" from hand to mouth. I promise I am not ignorant...maybe just haven't had enough coffee this a.m. :(

    5. Zwergie - Cu on Ipernity 92 months ago | reply

      Haha, sehr schöne Interpretation dieses Sprichwortes!

    6. ~ Julian [deleted] 92 months ago | reply

      I like this one too... hand to mouth can mean so much, not just "living hand to mouth". We connect our hand to our mouth to eat, to think, to blow a kiss, to ask for quiet, to praise someone, to get that last taste of donut, or chocolate (you know what I mean Sherry?), hand to mouth gives a baby peace... expand this to another person... I wish I could touch her lips! Okay... I should be working... not getting all deep in Sascha's stream! LOL! Forgive me for babbling!

      Great shot and great treatment Sascha!

    7. Avril Hodge [deleted] 92 months ago | reply

      i think that it's great that in the face of all your problems (like in the car eating you photo), you've been able to take a humourous angle with your portraits.

    8. rachel sian 92 months ago | reply

      Hehe - this made me chuckle so much! Next week can you try a photo of you with your foot in your mouth? That would make me laugh too.... :D

    9. QueenBee77 92 months ago | reply

      Rachel....I agree....that would be HILARIOUS!!~ Think about is sascha....It means this...well I will get the words fu*ked sadandbeautiful...she will come up with right words....

    10. chrismaverick 92 months ago | reply

      hilarious. Great composition. You always come up with very creative shots. I love it. I should do more silly things like this.

      365 Days

    11. Totte. 92 months ago | reply

      You'd have to chop it in pieces, fry it, and maybe add some mustard. That could work.

    12. phlinee 92 months ago | reply

      hihi, I like the tag "ende banane"... ende gelände, aus die maus, schicht im schacht! (just some more similar german phrases)... good luck to you, I really do know this situation...

    13. pi c's 92 months ago | reply

      ah! yes....i LIVE this saying...actually i don't even earn any money so i AM this saying! we survive on chris' salary alone so that i can stay home w/ the little one. but this is a choice we've made...feel it's better for him to be with me than in a daycare situation and if we can manage (which we do and often don't have to resort to peanut butter & jelly sandwiches for meals...)
      sascha...i hope a bucket of euros falls from the sky and lands in the windshield of your broke down car! this way you can fix all the material things that are wrong right now and focus on the more substantial problems that mean more in the long run :)
      this photo DID make me you got your point across!!

    14. assbachs-old-account 92 months ago | reply

      thank you guys. :-) glad you had a good laugh with this one...

      Rachel: There are more things requested like that already ;-)
      If only my backpain wouldn't still bother me ;-)) I'll give my best to at least try all those bendings.... AND potrait that. LOL.

      Mav: Thanks for your comments founder of the group! ;-)
      Julian: You are always welcome to babble as much as you like. Everyone else is also... ;-)
      Totte: You always find a way ;-) But I've had enough of self-destruction, there must be better ways ;-)
      phlinee: Danke dir für's Vorbeischauen, werde die Tags hinzufügen ;-)
      jen thank you. i'll get me another coffee and see if something has already fallen down. I think i heard some bang. ;-)

    15. nettsu 92 months ago | reply

      very cool :)

      its nice to see you can still have some fun ;)

    16. assbachs-old-account 92 months ago | reply

      hey thanks nettsu. :-)

    17. ***Miss Bright Side*** [deleted] 63 months ago | reply

      Awesome! ;)

    18. assbachs-old-account 63 months ago | reply

      @Purple Addicted Grl: Thanks for adding me! :)

    19. Monicaphotographing 57 months ago | reply

      I was trying to find the picture of a "speaking-mouth" for my blog ( I intended to include it atop this article :
      Er... chances are, that's not what you had in mind ! But as for me, your picture suits the topic well, and I like when my students and I have fun in learning / teaching :o)
      Thanks again, and BRAVO !! for all your clever photos and pictures.
      [I hope I did fine as for the license -otherwise, let me know...]

    20. assbachs-old-account 57 months ago | reply

      @M. Mirza: yes, that's okay, thank you!

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