Students first invasion of Millbank Tower

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  1. ben2014 53 months ago | reply

    I won't ever be voting libdem again - what two-faced gits. I can understand the tories letting the bankers off and taxing the poor hardest (over half the cabinet are millionaires) and screwing the students - but what the libdems did was atrocious. Go students!!

  2. major_tom2010 53 months ago | reply

    Please don't sell to ITV. You know they'll only hype out of all proportion.

  3. lewisskinner 53 months ago | reply

    Look at it. They just walked in - hardly a riot!

  4. jscoleman2010 53 months ago | reply

    The tories are only doing what they said they would. Blame the Lib Dems - con merchants always!

  5. salamandertome 53 months ago | reply

    Its nice to see people getting a bit angry and making a stand, unfortunate that property was damaged and people were hurt.

  6. steffanmacmillan 53 months ago | reply

    Asif you are a star cameraman!!!!!!!

  7. claireberries 53 months ago | reply

    do you know the Guardian website is linking to your picture?

  8. andy.barrie 53 months ago | reply

    To bad the rest of the people in the country are sleeping. We should all be active.

  9. swinstanley 53 months ago | reply

    I hope you don't sell this footage to the news channels as i can guarantee it will be used to put a sing on the real story of the day: the avoidable cuts (if the Gov bother tacking the huge problem of corporate tax evasion).

  10. othompsondredge 53 months ago | reply

    sell! sell! sell! - it has to be seen by the most people to galvinise the rest of the afflicted - those who believe the 'troublemaker' line they sell will have believed it anyway. It is in the news companies' interest to whip up a storm, and the demonstrators too - for once there might be a shared goal - maximum exposure

  11. bascule42 53 months ago | reply

    Just saw your footage on the BBC News...good choice.

  12. asif.khan 53 months ago | reply

    Not for sale but available online for lazy journalism to do what it does worst - "if it bleeds it's leads" (nobody bled btw!)
    Sorry if this removed any attention from the real issues disscussed today guys but I had a lot of fun taking these pics and being on the BBC as a 'eyewitness' - i really dont know why they would do that...perhaps they wanted me to say something 'emotive' sheeeeeeesh.

    (sent from a phone - sorry for the typos)

  13. James Gourley Photography 53 months ago | reply

    wow it didn't look like this by the time i got inside...

  14. and.unprepared 53 months ago | reply

    I appreciated your comments to the press, Asif, especially your refusal to answer a ridiculous question!

  15. Bigote Revolucinario 53 months ago | reply

    w00t!!! RED AND BLACK!!!

  16. praxis4me 53 months ago | reply

    I agree - I would have loved to be there, but my wheelchair prevents easy access ! ! !

  17. @PAkDocK / 53 months ago | reply

    Execution is great and the composition is awesome.So nice!!

  18. Nipun Tantia [deleted] 53 months ago | reply

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  19. jazzling_ 53 months ago | reply

    violence as a means of protest usually achieves zero in the grand scheme of things

  20. Chad McDonald 53 months ago | reply

    Well Done! Congrats on making Explore!

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