past the point of love, (made it to #2 explore !) [10,00streamviews!]

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shattered and untied.
waiting to pick up the pieces,
that make it all alright.

you can buy this print here.

this was my first time being in explore,
i got to #2 ! o.O
thanks everyone :D

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  1. I am Scarlett 99 months ago | reply

    SERIOUSLY AMAZING. The best photo i've seen on flickr so far :)

  2. Joshua Robbins 98 months ago | reply

    Stunning image. I really love this piece

  3. rana_jiii 98 months ago | reply

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  4. ...wanderer... 98 months ago | reply

    Crazy eyelashes!! :) Great photo

  5. VIOLETA DE MIL COLORES 97 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  6. J. E. T. 93 months ago | reply


  7. miss77talktothehand [deleted] 92 months ago | reply

    Wow live tht reflection and close up shot

  8. Sigpho 91 months ago | reply

    Amazing shot.

  9. ukreal1 90 months ago | reply

    this just goes to show, that its not the camera its the eye!

  10. Lù * 89 months ago | reply


  11. makeup66 84 months ago | reply

    Fals eyelashes can be so beautiful! And with the right eyeshadow, too!

  12. laurrennl [deleted] 82 months ago | reply

    Great shot!

  13. Giuliano Cattani 80 months ago | reply

    Simply wonderful!!!

  14. Mamun Khan2 79 months ago | reply

    awesome. really really beautiful...

  15. Jodi- 67 months ago | reply

    Amazing shot sweety

  16. AP | Photography 64 months ago | reply

    gorgeous! ♥ love your stream!
    like me on facebook!

  17. amanda seider 55 months ago | reply

    I love it it's beautiful!!!!!:)

  18. anhrlintl 29 months ago | reply


  19. anhrlintl 29 months ago | reply
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