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Chun Li

Name: Sarah | Age: 14



This is one of the better photos I captured. Maybe it's because the background is so plain and non-distracting. Perhaps at the next con I should try to get more people to pose against a wall like this.


The costume is great, too. Sarah definitely looks the part. I wonder if she practiced this pose. In fact, call me crazy but I think I might have seen fan art with a similar pose. I remember back in the day there were a lot of poses with Chun-Li's back against the wall.


Avoid the corner traps, people!


Hmm, should I have shot this vertically? Because she was also wearing the boots and it would have been nice to see them. But at the same time all this negative space is really pleasing to the eye.


Well, it's a nice fucking photo so at the the end of the day that's all that matters.


From: Otokon 2007 - Fight Games! | MY STADY

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Taken on July 21, 2007