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Cal-sil Pipe Insulation - Crumbly & Fibrous

Prefab Metal Chimney Cross-Section - Metalbestos Metalbestos Cross-Section Certain-teed Gypsum Blocks Certainteed Gypsum Building Blocks Certainteed Gyspum Wall Block Synkoloid's Asbestos-Free Spackling Paste Anchor Gypsum Block New Cal-Sil Non-Asbestos Pipe Insulation PYROBAR with Asbestos Mortar Beaver Products Company - AMERICAN Gypsum Block Asbestos Free ALCO Product Close-up Cal-sil Insulation Fibers Close-up J-M Thermo-12 Block Insulation Cal-sil Fiberglass Fibers Fibrous Calcium-Silicate Pipe Insulation Cal-sil Pipe TSI Cal-sil Non-Asbestos Pipe Insulation & Fibrous Detail Cal-sil Pipe Insulation - Crumbly & Fibrous Cal-sil Insulation Surface Texture Metal-Covered Calcium-Silicate Pipe Insulation

Suspect materials not containing asbestos or found to contain <1% asbestos.

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bentonparkwest says:

Wow, you have the best asbestos pics I have ever seen.
I hope you are wearing your respirator.
I'm a licensed Asbestos Professional and I have been working in the industry since 1993.
Never seen such a collection like you have.
Good work.
Posted 84 months ago. ( permalink )

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Asbestorama says:

Thanks for your comments. Although, I think the image collection doesn't show the best photo skill nor it is a comprehensive list of all asbestos products and materials, but I suppose at least it's a start.

The main purpose of the pictures is for asbestos awareness and educational asbestos training visual reference.

Personal protective equipment and specially controlled work area conditions are standard operating protocol.

It's great to hear that the photos are found to be interesting. Stay tuned for many more images in the months ahead.
Posted 84 months ago. ( permalink )

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Mycophagia says:

Interesting set. Thanks for a fascinating resource!
Posted 58 months ago. ( permalink )

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