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Vintage Vinyl Sheet Flooring Sample Asbestos Backing Layer | by Asbestorama
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Vintage Vinyl Sheet Flooring Sample Asbestos Backing Layer

Example of a vintage, vinyl asbestos resilient floor covering sample, shown upside-down with two distinct layers. Depicted is a small, damaged area of the asbestos backing, showing its fibrous nature.


The soft backing layer contains chrysotile asbestos and is similar to a felt material, susceptible to damage and friability. The asbestos-containing layer appears light grey in color and is paper-like in texture.


Interestingly, this round vinyl asbestos resilient sheet covering floor sample was curiously trimmed from its original square shape and was offered as part of a set of stylish retro beverage coasters by a creative, albeit unsuspecting, antique dealer. The drink coaster set even included a repurposed plastic lid as a convenient holder for the trendy-looking, one-of-a-kind asbestos discs.


Obviously one would want to avoid scraping such asbestos-containing materials during renovation activities, such as during residential bathroom or kitchen remodeling, commercial renovations, etc.

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Taken sometime in 2011