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some thunderbird UI re-org explorations




* Vertical View is the default.


* Toolbars are consolidated into one "Mail Toolbar"

* Mail Toolbar can be toggled between visible and hidden.

** Mail Toolbar has three flexible sections that re-size with their respective Server/Folder panel, Thread panel, and Message panel.

** Toolbar customization is section specific.

*** Server/Folder panel's toolbar includes "Get Messages" and "Write" by default. "Address Book" is optional.

*** The Search & Filter toolbar above the Thread panel has all items included by default.

*** The Message panel's toolbar has "Reply", "Multi-reply", "Forward","Archive", "Junk", and "Delete" by default. "Tag", "Print", and "Save" are optional.

** Mail Toolbar buttons are width-dynamic by default with three settings:

*** Text beside icons that automatically collapses to icons when space is short for that particular section.

*** Text beside icons always.

*** Icons only always.


* Search and Filter toolbar has only one text entry box -- for searching within or filtering on currently displayed messages

** Toggle items in Search and Filter toolbar are sticky -- no need to pin.

** If no messages are showing, use the area to highlight which search/filtering is in place

** Search/Filtered message count is displayed in transient Status toolbar.

** Advanced Search window/dialog lives behind a menu.


* Toolbar, buttons, icons, labels, panels, columns, rows are all carefully grid aligned.

** A 9px and 14px grid for toolbars, folder pane, tree and message headers.

** Exception for Thread pane message rows being narrower.

** Exception for toggle button spacing in Search and Filter toolbar


* Color palette is simple

** Toolbar color/texture is gray

** Buttons are a tint or a shade of toolbar color/texture.

** Folder pane color/texture is light blue

** Tree and Message headers color/texture matches tree columns and message body: white.


* Server/Folder panel view is customizable only via a menu.

* Thread panel column headers are customizable via right-click on any header.

* Message panel's message header area scrolls with the message body.

* Menu toolbar is off by default.

* Status toolbar is transient like Firefox's

* Throbber is removed.

* Tabs are off by default and only enabled via pref.


(I'm not particular about the actual button and toolbar colors and styles. I've played around with a couple in this exploration. I do think flatter and more streamlined is the way to go.)

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Uploaded on September 11, 2011