Fox Chapel by night

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30 seconds, f5.6, ISO 640. Shooting out onto the road in front of my parents' house, late at night. Sky looks like day, but it's pitch black outside

I also used a Phottix handheld remote that specialkrb recommended. It keeps you from getting camera shake, and it's less than $30!

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  1. akipta 74 months ago | reply

    Awesome. I love it.

    It's been years since I fiddled with the manual settings on my "nice" camera. I understand the exposure time/aperture, focal length, etc. Refresh my memory on the ISO. Low ISO requires more light-time and produces less grainy images. Yes?

  2. Marc Evans Photography 74 months ago | reply

    It's a decent exposure but the composition and subject matter is putting me to sleep.
    Seen in the group"DeleteMe Uncensored, New and Improved With 100% Less Pesky Censo" (?)

    -Voted "delete3" (by the Delete Me Uncensored Group)

  3. Bob M. Montgomery Images 74 months ago | reply

    I like the capture, and the left side is quite nice, but I'd suggest cropping out the right half, since it's not doing anything for the composition, since it's both dark and uninteresting.

    -Voted "delete4" (by the Delete Me Uncensored Group)

  4. acaben 74 months ago | reply

    Agree with BMM's crop, but even then it's still a driveway and a tree.


  5. johnny9s 74 months ago | reply

    fix the crop and you would have had a save.

    -Voted "delete6" (by the Delete Me Uncensored Group)

  6. Mark Hulbert 74 months ago | reply

    It is good, but the composition is a bit messy.

    -Voted "delete7" (by the Delete Me Uncensored Group)

  7. _gem_ 74 months ago | reply

    i want to save this. save7. (i have a soft spot for long exposures... hehe.. even though the photo doesn't seem as "clean" as i normally prefer for nighttime long exposure stuff). :)

  8. chrismar 74 months ago | reply

    The lighting is cool.

    -Voted "save8" (by the Delete Me Uncensored Group)

  9. Ryan Katsanes Photography 74 months ago | reply

    So close, but I can't promote saving this one. The right side is boring, and the left is somewhat too. If you take the bottom 20% off it's almost better than the left vs. right crop.

    -Voted "delete8" (by the Delete Me Uncensored Group)

  10. Daniel Krieger Photography 74 months ago | reply

    not bad but kinda ugly and boring? maybe?


  11. darthdowney 74 months ago | reply

    I love the painted quality of the light on the trees. The sky is gorgeous, and your long exposure does to the clouds exactly what they deserve. Good enough to save because an almost picayune night scene turns magical.


  12. Mike Wiacek 74 months ago | reply

    Do the suggested crop and it's a winner.


  13. Thomas Hawk 74 months ago | reply

    Congratulations. Your photo has been saved by the deleteme uncensored group. Feel free to join the Lightbox and submit your photo there.

  14. arvindgrover 74 months ago | reply

    Saved by the bell! One more delete would have finished me off. In my excitement to join the world of star/night photography, I was so amazed with the results, I probably didn't think clearly enough about the framing. I'm glad that at least enough people found it worth saving, so I can submit to the Lightbox. My next submission will have more style!

    Thanks to all who voted, up or down.

  15. daphne31 72 months ago | reply

    Beautiful work

  16. marklessard 71 months ago | reply

    Great picture!

    Seen in Explore.

  17. mosh03 71 months ago | reply


  18. cshanko 69 months ago | reply

    Gorgeous photo. I wouldn't change a thing!

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