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Things to Come | by amamak photography!
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Things to Come

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Lately we've been in the best kind of mood - the one where all we want to do or talk about is taking photos. If each shoot seems to one-up the previous one, we're totally okay with that.


Over the past four years, Amamak has shot together probably somewhere in the ballpark of 100 times. Someone commented recently asking us why we're always shooting with the same model/photographer; doesn't it get redundant. There have definitely been times when we've thought that, but I think a good way of looking at it is that each shoot has been a warm-up for the next - we just didn't know it until we got to that next step. This photo is from our most recent shoot, and it may have been one of our best.


This past summer both of us have shot with a bunch of other folk (yes, really!) and while that's been waaay out of our comfort zone, which is a good thing, really, it also made us realize something. There's something to be said for shooting with someone you know - familiarity, while sometimes breeding contempt, also breeds an understanding of how one another works. And that's a damn good thing to have when shooting. Having someone who gets you, someone to get excited about things with - amazing.


That, and also look how pretty!


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Taken on the Kiev 88 + Portra 400VC.

August 28, 2012.

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Taken on August 28, 2012