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the detroit river

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for all of you detroit haters.

see, it really is beautiful. and no, there are no dead bodies down there either. meanies.

and for all of you detroiters who are down-river haters (you KNOW who you are!), notice that this is in beautiful Wyandotte. so there.

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  1. penelope's odyssey 95 months ago | reply

    Not falling in either category, hope I'm still qualified to express my opinion. Gorgeous. Think I'll have to visit. Perhaps look into up the river as well.

  2. paintedhouse52 95 months ago | reply

    What a GORGEOUS composition! I love the greens and blues. It's just like a painting....just better ;)))

  3. artsy_T 95 months ago | reply

    aww thanks girls!! see, i'm NOT the only one who sees beauty here. :)

  4. ~btezra~ [deleted] 95 months ago | reply

    I'm thinking about making the trek back to Detroit for the Exposure show, cuz I ain't no Detroit hater...

  5. obo-bobolina 95 months ago | reply

    that really does look beautiful. x

  6. artsy_T 95 months ago | reply

    craig--awesome!! you'll have to get ahold of me if you do--well i guess i'll just see you there! how fun!!

    obo boblina-thanks sweetie! and thank you so much for your opinions on the show shots. it helped tremendously. :)

  7. Auberon__ 95 months ago | reply

    I don't hate downriver. I just never got to know downriver. I'm sure downriver is a nice place, once you get through that thick fog of acid rain hanging over the coal plants.

    I have been to Lake Erie State Park... that is a very nice place to visit. Is that considered downriver?

  8. artsy_T 95 months ago | reply

    merlin--i know. it does get "dogged" on a lot though....not a wealthy area, but good people and some great sites. i promise. i work there and like every place else, it has it's good and bad points. wyandotte is really artsy and when i stopped by the galleries and dropped off our flyers yesterday, the owners were excited and supportive. it's just an image thing and not being from "this" area originally, i'm able to get past it easier i believe. :)

    lk erie metro park--i used to live right next to it! seriously. ran through there at least once a day. it's nice, yes, and i suppose it's considered to be "downriver". it's a little further south than the usual area that's referred to as that though. :)

    you have your prints picked yet? i'm hoping to print mine today!!

  9. dragonisis 95 months ago | reply

    I used to live in Taylor, graduated from Taylor Center :) Nice to see Wyandotte in a different light!

  10. artsy_T 95 months ago | reply

    tanya-omg. small world! and you are moving to chicago, right? that's my dream!! cross your fingers for me and who knows, maybe we'll meet up there someday. :)

    and high 5 downriver girl!!!

  11. Blue rain! 95 months ago | reply

    it's gorgeous! who knew!! (never been to detroit)

  12. artsy_T 95 months ago | reply

    beth!!! git cher butt here!! we'd have a blast. you better hurry though cuz i might not be here much longer. maybe. we'll see. i'd LOVE to have you visit. :)

  13. Auberon__ 95 months ago | reply

    shooting with my friend on Friday and Sunday....if something good comes from those shoots, then I'll have my final shot selections. I just got back from a framing shop in RO (Briggs Gallery). Because I have the IKEA frames I need mattes cut for me that fit standard print sizes, not the metric mattes they come with.

  14. Peter Brake 95 months ago | reply

    Love the beautiful colour throughout the frame..nice shot!

  15. Ehm is shutting it down for a minute [deleted] 95 months ago | reply

    What a cool shot! I have never seen it sot like this before!

  16. inkyblack 95 months ago | reply

    great shot - very cool

  17. dragonisis 95 months ago | reply

    If you want it bad enough, it'll happen. I just picked a date and said, I'll be in Chicago by this date, and stuck with it. But I definitely need to head back to "Taylor tuckey" to see some old friends, and its only a 5 hour drive I think from Chicago :)

  18. artsy_T 95 months ago | reply

    thanks--all of you. this particular area holds some special memories for me. it was a gorgeous day to capture the blues in the sky and water.

    and tanya-you don't know how badly i needed to hear that.

  19. farlane 90 months ago | reply

    Hey there, I blogged this to Five things you need to know for Wednesday, November 14, 2007.

    Sorry to take so long to let you know - I thought I'd done it this morning. Thanks for adding to the Absolute Michigan pool!

  20. artsy_T 90 months ago | reply

    hey thanks!! that's awesome!! :)

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