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    not even my design. i can't take credit for it--found it on a google search.

    if you have been living under a rock and don't know about what's going on in michigan regarding education, you really should find out.

    our future is sunk. really. the schools need your support. big time. this is not a case of teachers whining. the problems are huge.

    please take a few minutes to call, email, write your reps.


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    1. VKMUSTBEDESTROYED 48 months ago | reply

      What said. I remember when I went to high school the art budget was only $300. Its ridiculous.

    2. Buckler 48 months ago | reply

      totally can relate Tina- Ohio is the same... it's a sad sad day

    3. ArtsyMissM 48 months ago | reply

      As a teacher from WI...I hear ya! I love being a teacher. I can't imagine loving any other career path more than the one I have chosen. I am just baffled why anyone would think a plan that undermines children and the people who care for and educate them, is a good idea.

    4. artsy_T 48 months ago | reply

      thanks guys. and vic---the way things are looking here, there will be no art budget because there will be no art. :( i'm scared.

    5. pictureobsessed 48 months ago | reply

      I'm afraid people here in MI hear issues with schools/teachers and assume its just Detroit. Cuts are being made everywhere, and teachers are suffering!
      My sister is a teacher and I'm very worried for her and her career, wishing the best for all teachers!

    6. artsy_T 48 months ago | reply

      it's so bad. everywhere. you're right--people have no idea how these latest cuts are going to change our education system. it's really bad.

    7. E&CLO 48 months ago | reply

      You know I support teachers and art. Not sure if this will help, but here is a sample letter for those interested in Michigan (just change the district name) and list of representatives:

    8. {.jerry-b.} 48 months ago | reply

      We've been dealing with budget cuts here in California for decades. The town I work for has eliminated art and music in both elementary and middle schools. Our recreation department is considering trying to fill the gap in the programs, but that will have to be for a fee from parents. We'll see how that goes.

      The local newspaper has gone on a crusade against public employees salaries and benefits. There have been some firemen's retirements that have ended up being over $250,000 per year, which, understandably, riled folks up. But it's a crusade now, and it's only getting worse.

      Now Governor Jerry Brown has proposed eliminating Redevelopment Agencies, and that is a whole sector that helps re-build run-down parts of cities. If that goes, not only will a sizeable group of professionals loose their jobs (and their whole industry..!!!!), but it will be like selling the "seed corn" leaving us unable to promote adequate redevelopment in the future. All just to balance the STATE budget.

      I'm scared, too. And I support Teachers...!!!!

    9. Deadhead Daisy 48 months ago | reply

      Amen! our country fires missiles and teachers simultaneously...

    10. Mrs. FireMom 48 months ago | reply

      Ditto in Ohio. :(

    11. ArtCPhotos 48 months ago | reply

      Yes, my husband is a teacher and they are giving up things in their contracts they have to now take several unpaid furlough days, are getting paid less, and paying more for insurance! My daughter who graduated last year subed all this year as she can't find a job. I would assume that the job picture will be even more bleak this year with more education cuts to come from the state. Another scary thing is this new emergency financial manager bill pushed through the Michigan legislature that allows the govenor to appoint a EFM who can come in close schools, consolidate districts, fire teachers, and elected officials.............sad days ahead in Michigan!

    12. Pound'n Iron Graphics [deleted] 48 months ago | reply

      So many people I explain this to think teachers / public employee's ......
      To tell person that a job is worth paying for and the general public just does not care...
      Care that to get good caring teacher to spend time in college and life of loans just to hope for a job in your field where you want to live. Why will the next generation do it.

    13. The Flooz 48 months ago | reply

      i don't know how they expect the world to turn without education. srsly.

    14. Sam Hay 48 months ago | reply

      teachers deserve so much more respect and cred, don't they??

    15. artsy_T 48 months ago | reply

      thanks for your support guys. we're trying hard to stay positive around here. :)

    16. farlane 48 months ago | reply

      Right on Tina. I don't know much but I'm pretty sure that TEACHERS didn't ruin our economy ... except for maybe MATH and ETHICS teachers...

      I believe they expect it to turn ever more towards the uneducated, emotional rabble that is so easy to push around with television.

    17. tonylafferty01 48 months ago | reply

      Perfectly right.

    18. artsy_T 48 months ago | reply

      thanks again everyone. we appreciate your support. please share the info you've learned with everyone. thanks.

    19. Yessenia Torres Zhou 37 months ago | reply

      Hope things get better!

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