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365 138 SOTTS. "do you like my socks? sweetie?" *(in a whispering voice)*

what can i say? i needed an excuse to break down and buy a fan. you should SEEEEEE the outtakes!


stop back for my full commentary in a few hours after i figure out how to do all the links back to the former SOTTS sock-holders. no laughing. bear with me as i attempt this....


it all started 20 sexy socks wearers ago. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Socks was started by the sexy legged D.Rex. So Dave pulled these sexy socks up to his thighs and posed for a shot. I'm pretty sure he wanted to see many women wearing the socks too, so he started the group.


So, the king of the SOTTS started with the stunning and fabulous Ambrosialove of course. Who else was so deserving? Her sexy tutu with the socks was a fantastic addition to the pool.


Yes, the ever sexy Amber had to pass them on. She made a sexy sultry choice of 62uolegnaiam who laid naked with the socks. You know that's hot. (imagine the Marilyn whispering voice people!)


And Maia made another fabulous choice, as she gave the socks to the wonderful Cherron who always impresses with her sexiness. Not one set of legs, but many....so wonderful. And while in Arkansas, they finished out with another sister, Chrissy . She put on a tutu and was good to go!


The sexiest socks wearer of all (in my opinion) came next. Sweet Dyxie got the socks and did a traditional Dyxie style pose. Adorable, as usual. Who would expect anything less? Oh and by the way, Dyxie is the one who taught me how to do links. Great. I hate this. But thanks Bec.


So Dyxie sent the socks far far away to the Land of the Midnight Sun, where not one, not two, but THREE socks sistas wore the socks. First, Alaskan Mariner posed with a tutu. Oh so sexy. Next, Northpolemama posed with the socks, and finally Mivox climbed a mountain with the socks. Yes, you read that correctly. She climbed a mountain. HOT.


Upon the promise of wine and stripping they were sent to Kungfukitten in Portland who in turn handed them off to Qathi.


Next, the lovely Amanky took the socks for a swim before passing them off to the jumping queen, Rachel B . Next. the wedding phenomenon started with Rachel K then on to

Kisluvkis who rocked the bridesmaids sexy legs w/ the socks!


You must check out the adorable shoes by A Girl and her Dog who wore the socks outside, and then the incredibly hot sexy rocker chick, Pebbles6 who posed with a guitar and the socks!


After Pebbles, two more amazingly talented sotts sisters in chicago posed w/ the socks. SaylaMarz stunning and beautiful created a masterpiece (no lie!) w/ herself in the socks, and then Chronicity (Stay Green) rocks the socks in a million ways as well. These Chicago Girls passed the socks on faster than anyone in the group so far. They were so so sweet to do this, as i was able to get them right before school got out to do some fun shots w/ my students.




whew. i did it! NEVER again will i do this many links in my LIFE!

good night. *(in a sexy whisper voice, of course)*

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Taken on June 14, 2007