• haha...this one is eating its own teeth!!! - Ash~a~lee
  • haha...this one is a little kookie!! - Ash~a~lee
  • hee hee..love this one's tooth falling out! - zakzorah
  • the face!! :) :) :) - zakzorah
  • 哈哈哈~~~太好笑了 - 斑斓

kindergarten goofy pumpkins

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my old stand by lesson. but still one of my favorites ever. my favorite thing about these is always the teeth. and the shades of orange. and the lime green they create. i can't decide.

circles/ovals--filling the space
color mixing (red + yellow = orange, and blue + yellow = green)
glue/collage technique
following directions

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  1. ~ kat's eye photography ~ 54 months ago | reply

    Love this!! Makes me happy :o)

  2. Carolyn Gallo 54 months ago | reply

    oh man, serious greatness going on here. beyond awesome.

  3. pictureobsessed 54 months ago | reply

    Lol, hillarious, made my day!

  4. dogboneart 54 months ago | reply

    as always..awesome

  5. gin girl jen 54 months ago | reply

    classic Oct fun art. i like how the eyes almost seem to wobble

  6. silviaON 54 months ago | reply

    they are all so cute :)

    Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

  7. ~ Sandy ~ 54 months ago | reply

    Oh my, these are so funny! Great job!

  8. Mike Lanzetta 54 months ago | reply

    The teeth! I love the teeth!

  9. Patty Palmer 54 months ago | reply

    I'm doing these next year!

  10. milady marji 54 months ago | reply

    These are hilarious...and great....THIS year's AND a couple years ago...Those kids (and their parents) must be overjoyed to have you as a teacher

  11. rockin_thefreeworld 54 months ago | reply

    These are sooooooooo awesome!

  12. DAVe Warnke 54 months ago | reply

    Great goofy pumpkins!
    WOnderful work.

  13. sUz dAvis stUdio 54 months ago | reply

    eek!!! i ADORE these!

  14. Judith Bursott 53 months ago | reply

    : ) Put a smile on my face!

  15. Suzanne Tiedemann 44 months ago | reply

    All smiles over here too :) :) :)

  16. Laura Lea 32 months ago | reply

    Oh JOY! What fun!

  17. Stan and Tina 30 months ago | reply

    Oh my goodness! These are AMAZING!! I am wondering how you do this with your little ones...do you do it as a whole group? Do you pull them aside? It must be in several steps...hmmm...do you have instructions on how to do this? I love, love, LOVE it!! :o)

  18. Laura Lea 30 months ago | reply

    I love this! Hopefully I'll have the colors of paint I need. If not I will have to resort to the small pack of orange paper that was given to me the other day and we'll have mini pumpkins!

  19. 斑斓 27 months ago | reply


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