what in the world are these kids screaming about!?

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    these just crack me up. seriously. i love my kids.
    they LOOOVED posing for the pics. can you tell? lol

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    1. Peter Brake 80 months ago | reply

      They're not screaming about all their math homework, are they? You gotta offset that by assigning cool and creative art homework.

    2. winglessangel383838 80 months ago | reply

      This looks all too familiar! I think kids scream just for fun!

    3. i5prof 80 months ago | reply

      How can this be? The world is so small all of the sudden!

    4. artsy_T 80 months ago | reply

      i know! right?? haha

    5. zakzorah 80 months ago | reply

      these are great!!
      yes, me too!!! :)

    6. artsy_T 80 months ago | reply

      shall i let you both know what time 4th grade starts art? lol. bring a helmet.

    7. zakzorah 80 months ago | reply

      yes, please do!!! and only if you give us an A+ on our work! hahahaha!!

    8. KT of Lake Orion 80 months ago | reply

      So cool!
      I think you are a wayyyy better art teacher than I every had when I was a kid!

    9. Church of One 80 months ago | reply

      So, so cool, Tina! My art teachers NEVER had us doing cool stuff like this.

    10. LindaB. 80 months ago | reply

      I sure don't remember my girls bringing home stuff like this from art class in the late 80's through 90's....very innovative Tina....you really need to hold art class for us....lol.

    11. Judith Bursott 80 months ago | reply

      Awesome....you are sooo creative.

    12. libraryann 80 months ago | reply

      i remember "discovering" this in college and thinking that it was some obscure painting by some unknown named Munch.
      Shows how much I needed that art class!

      It remains my favorite.

    13. country_boy_shane 80 months ago | reply

      You seem like a fun art teacher. I remember mine in elementary school was a old pissed off hag. She used to scratch her nails across the chalkboard whenever kids started to get loud!

    14. artsy_T 80 months ago | reply

      you guys are too nice. believe me, when you do this for 12 years, you start to figure out what works and what doesn't, and you start to get sick of doing the same thing over and over.....i HAVE to change my lessons or i'd go nuts. :)

    15. artsy_T 80 months ago | reply

      shane---omg! that's hilarious. i aspire each and every day to NOT be a pissed off old hag! lol. seriously, if i'm not in a good mood, it never lasts long in my classroom. these kids have me smiling and laughing all the time. they are awesome. and nails on the chalkboard for noise reduction!? wtf!!!!? you gotta be able to stand the noise as an art teacher. it comes w/ the territory!!!!

    16. O Caritas 80 months ago | reply

      This is cool! I just saw the real thing in Oslo.

    17. artsy_T 80 months ago | reply

      awesome!! i told the kids the original was there. so cool that you got to see it!!!

    18. d.rex 80 months ago | reply

      How did I miss this? I'm a dork.

      You're awesome...I need to check on the age of the kids I'm teaching next Friday. Hmm...

    19. tartseam 76 months ago | reply

      i need to do this with my kids! i can imagine grace in 3rd grade loving every moment of this :)

    20. Panzimar [deleted] 69 months ago | reply

      :) Love this!!!!!!!!

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