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Persepolis: One of the bull-like colossi on The Gate of All Nations | by peggyhr
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Persepolis: One of the bull-like colossi on The Gate of All Nations

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The Gate of All Nations


At the head of staircase is the Gateway of All Nations, built by Xerxes I and guarded at east and west by vast bull-like colossi closely akin to the bull figures of Assyria. Above the bulls, on the inner side of the Gateway is a three-language cuneiform inscription in the main languages of the realm: Persian, Babylonian and Elamite (See closeup below).


It says:


"Great God is Ahuramazda, who has created this Earth, who has created the heaven, who has created man, who has created good things for man, who has made Xerxes King, sole King of many, sole Commander of many. I am Xerxes, Great King, King of Kings, King of lands, King of many races, King of this earth reaching even far off, son of Dariush the King, the Achaemenian. King Xerxes says: By the grace of Ahuramazda I constructed this Gateway of All Nations. Many other beautiful things were constructed in Persia. I constructed them and my father constructed them. Everything we have constructed which looks beautiful we have constructed by the grace of Ahuramazda. King Xerxes says: May Ahuramazda protect me and my kingdom and whatever is constructed by me as well as what has been constructed by may father."

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Taken on May 27, 2012