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Red Fox: Ambling along ...

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From inside our log home, I caught sight of this beautiful, hunting fox on the opposite side of the slough (wetlands). It was great to watch him emerge from the cattails and slowly walk across the frozen, snow-covered slough and then wend his way back to his den in the poplar forest.



The Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) is the largest of the true foxes, as well as being the most geographically spread member of the Carnivora [...].


The winter fur is dense, soft, silky and relatively long. [...]. There are three colour morphs; red, silver/black and cross (see Mutations).[53] In the typical red morph, their coats are generally bright reddish-rusty with yellowish tints. A stripe of weak, diffuse patterns of many brown-reddish-chestnut hairs occurs along the spine. Two additional stripes pass down the shoulder blades which, together with the spinal stripe, form a cross. The lower back is often a mottled silvery colour. The flanks are lighter coloured than the back, while the chin, lower lips, throat and front of the chest are white. The remaining lower surface of the body is dark, brown or reddish.[52] During lactation, the belly fur of vixens may turn brick red.[54] The upper parts of the limbs are rusty-reddish, while the paws are black. The frontal part of the face and upper neck is bright brownish-rusty red, while the upper lips are white. The backs of the ears are black or brownish-reddish, while the inner surface is whitish. The top of the tail is brownish-reddish, but lighter in colour than the back and flanks. The underside of the tail is pale grey with a straw coloured tint. A black spot, the location of the supracaudal gland, is usually present at the base of the tail. The tip of the tail is white.


Red foxes have elongated bodies and relatively short limbs. The tail, which is longer than half the body length[52] (70% of head and body length[53]), is long, fluffy and reaches the ground when in a standing position. [...].


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Taken on December 10, 2011