Albedo Dreams in ANTI-festival 2013
ANTI - Contemporary Art Festival intived me to work with Albedo Dreams -project in Kuopio and Lapinlahti 21.-29.9.2013. The first workshop Albedo Architecture/Albedo Arkkitehtuuria was in children's architecture and environmental school Lastu in Lapinlahti. In Lastu, we whitened their hut village. More workshops and activities followed in Kuopio: Albdeo hat workshop with students from Savonia AMK, Kuopio Design Academy and some whitening in the park&learning to fold linen. The last workshop was lead together with Mervi Eskelinen from Lastu again. We did 'Albedo flying things' in Kuopionlahti park. The idea behind all this is to do DIY geoengineering and reflect solar energy back to space in order to cool the climate and mitigate the climate change.
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