Marching Home Opening & Closing Reception
Artists and children make art in response to current events and their search for peace and happiness. Partners and featured artists include students of St Brigid School and San Francisco Montessori Academy, Louisse Bella, Susan Bostrom-Wong, Stacey Carter, Matthew Coats, Claudia Grubler, Marc Ellen Hamel, John Hammond, Heidi Hardin, Charles "Trey" Houston, Krista Kahl, Susanna Kohn, Angel Kubo, Jasmine Liang, Caroline Liddell, Brian Moore, Ann Reesman, Ana Rodriguez, Kinnari Saraiya, William Scott, Courtney Sparks, Mervin Thompson, Nikki Vismara, Patricia Warren, Nicolas Winstead and more. Co- curated by Gino Bella, Sabine Gysens, and Josefa Vaughan.
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